Farrier Approved

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Alicia Honea, Certified Farrier




Farriers from all over the world recommend Happy HoofWear™ horseshoes for every day, for every ride and for use everywhere.  Farriers are always telling us about their positive experience with Happy HoofWear™ horseshoes, below are just a few of many comments we've received.

Certified Journeyman Farrier (American Farriers Association member #471), Kirk Underschultz said it best when he talked about Happy HoofWear™ horseshoes. "...been looking for shoes that would maintain the soundness of my horse for years and years. My search has stopped here with the Happy HoofWear™ shoes. They move, they bend, they absorb a tremendous amount of concussion."

Alicia Honea, a Certified Farrier from Texas who also works with rescue horses at the Underdog Ranch in Wichita commented, “Your shoes are a blessing and I can't wait to set more of them and help out horses that need it and owners that love their horses.”

Jonas Mast, an Ohio Farrier said, “Another Amish farrier told me about Happy HoofWear™ shoes so I called the company...I like the shoes a lot. They provide healthier hooves at an affordable price and also no extra hassle to put them on.”

Derek Grimwood, a Farrier from Tennessee told us, "I have applied the shoes over the last two years to a number of horses including my own. I have used my horses mostly on trails in the hills of Tennessee and the shoes are very durable. Inadvertently, I have discovered these shoes have aided horses which have thin soles to walk sound … and can make both rider and horse go down happy trails.”