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Happy HoofWear believes in GIVING BACK!

The Friends of Happy HoofWear share their thoughts on our horseshoes.

First, check out these two videos:

Five Minutes from the Equine Affaire with Happy Hoofwear
Five Minutes from the Equine Affaire with Happy Hoofwear. We had a great experience at the Equine Affaire in Ohio and so many told us their stories about Happy Hoofwear horseshoes and their horses and ponies. Take a look.
Interview with Lee Hermandorfer
Interview with Lee Hermandorfer, regarding her experience with Happy HoofWear horseshoes and her horse, Hardy.








On this page you will find some examples of the feedback we have received from both Farriers and Owners.  We've organized the comments in four sections:

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24 year old Assateagu Pony Gelding ridden by 9-year Noah F., owner, from Athens, Ohio: His farrier reports, “Hobbs has chronic laminitis and his Happy Hoofwear shoes allow him to be ridden on gravel roads and negotiate rocky sandstone trails with comfort.”

Jonas M., farrier, Ohio: “Another Amish farrier told me about Happy Hoofwear shoes so I called the Company and they sent me a free pair to try. I like the shoes a lot. They provide healthier hooves at an affordable price and also no extra hassle to put them on.”

Mike M., farrier, Texas: “I noticed I had more hoof growth with them on versus my steel shoes…very interesting!!!”

Nicole L., owner, Kentucky: “We also have them on an older gelding and he is doing well in them, too.”

Derek G., farrier, Tennessee: "I have applied the shoes over the last two years to a number of horses including my own. I have used my horses mostly on trails in the hills of Tennessee and the shoes are very durable. Inadvertently, I have discovered these shoes have aided horses which have thin soles to walk sound … and can make both rider and horse go down happy trails.”

Dan H., farrier, Iowa: “I tried Happy Hoofwear shoes because another Amish farrier I know was telling me about them and showed them to me. The shoes are easy to use and they give great traction. I noticed the hoof seems to grow quite a bit with these shoes too, which I like. The price is very reasonable and I have placed 2 larger orders because my owners like how their horses are doing in these shoes and I like it too and tell them. I shoe both for Amish and other owners and I shoe Quarter Horses, Morgans, Standardbreds and Saddlebreds mostly. I could use some shoes in a 000 and in size 2 though and hind shoes would be good too.”

David L., farrier, Kentucky: “I’ve received good feedback from the clients. I have put them on a few trail horses, a low level jumper, and a pleasure horse. I used them recently on a laminitis case and glued them on with good success. These shoes are very easy to work with. Though these shoes are not for every horse, they definitely have their place. My clients like having all the color choices.”

Craig M., owner, Ohio: “The Happy Hoofwear shoes worked really well on my trail rides with my 12-year-old mare with a stifle problem.”

Willis D., owner, Georgia: “The horse I have your shoes on right now is a very large Quarter Horse gelding. He weighs in at 1400 pounds with no fat on him. In 2002 he suffered a laminitis episode. We were very lucky in that on one foot his rotation was less than 4 degrees and on the other less than 1 degree. Still it was a long slow road. At that time he was overweight which did not help the situation of course. After the eggbar routine in the first six months we reverted to a standard steel shoe with wedges. Over the years, with outstanding farrier and vet support, we are now at 0 degrees on both feet. But he is and will probably always be tender footed on hard ground, and living in central Georgia with red clay and enough rocks for anyone, hard surface is an everyday occurrence. Before starting him with your shoes, we used a normal steel shoe with a rim pad, seemed to work very well for about 4 weeks then you would begin to notice the tenderness creeping back into his movement. With Happy Hoofwear that tenderness is all gone. The first pair was in pretty good shape after eight weeks. No tenderness whatsoever. Within the next couple of weeks he has another appointment with the Vet with x-rays and we will see about the rotation issue, but I feel very confident that everything is great. He is the kind of horse you know right away if he is uncomfortable at all. Actually you sent me a free pair with our order and I am putting them on an older QH mare that I seem to have difficulty maintaining good consistent moisture in her feet so she does become slightly tender from time to time. So I am hopeful that will help with her soreness while I get her balanced out. I will let you know on that one. Anyway, Oh yes, Happy Hoofwear is the way to go, great for the horse, last very well on hard ground, and pretty reasonable price for what you get. And I will be ordering again soon. Thank you so much!!!!”

Jason C., farrier and instructor at Florida Horseshoeing School: “Sylvia Norris contacted the school in 2008 to ask if she could provide some free shoes to try at the school. I am the lead instructor at the school and I tried the shoes on my horse and my girlfriend’s. She is a barrel racer and she loved the color and the performance. I shoe a lot of barrel racers with these shoes and the owners credit the shoes with taking time off of their runs. I shoe trail riding horses too in my farrier business and I noticed and the owners noticed a big difference in how their horses move wearing Happy Hoofwear shoes because they weren’t so sore. I also noticed more hoof growth from a number of pleasure horses I shoe and one horse owner in particular says her horse that could barely walk is now trotting around the pasture.”

Heath H., farrier, Ohio: “Shared with us that he used a competitor’s polyurethane shoes but that the horse jammed the shoes so far back off the toe that the farrier had to quit using them. Last week he was back to see how the Happy Hoofwear shoes were working on the same horse and he shared with us that the shoe moved back less than 1/8 of an inch and the owners were thrilled.”

Shannon C., Equine Podiatrist and Farrier, Virginia: “I have been practicing Equine Podiatry for 3 years, and previously was a traditional farrier for 5 years. I've been using Happy Hoofwear for about 8 months. I first used it on a horse that was chronically lame from a chipped coffin bone, he was actually my horse and I retired him from jumping and gave him to a friend to use for trail riding. The horse literally changed overnight! He was galloping in the field and bucking and having a great time. The shoes stayed on 6 weeks, and even after heavy riding on asphalt, the shoes barely wore and were reset. The owners will not let the horse go without them now. Happy Hoofwear shoes do not inhibit hoof flexion, and therefore is a perfect replacement for metal shoes.”

Sarah H., owner, Ohio: “I discovered your website through intensive search for synthetic shoes. It has been an exhausting search as it seems most polyurethane or rubber shoes cover most of the sole and that brings worry about bacteria and thrush. Regardless, it is exciting to see the shoeing industry evolving! Thank you very much for being an innovative and refreshing option for owners and farriers alike. We all need a little color in our lives! I put the shoes on my horse and while the shoes were on my mare, I will say I haven’t seen her move so well in years. She seemed to really like them quite a bit. The first time I turned her loose, up went the tail and she was prancing around the arena like a 2-year-old! I did add a bit of an angle at the toe to ease the breakover, but other than trimming her hoof, no other changes were made. Overall I would have to say I am very impressed. Thank you again for making such a wonderful product. I will continue to spread the word.”

Matt W., farrier, New Jersey: “I put the blue, size 1 shoes on one of my client’s horses two weeks ago. He is 20-year-old thoroughbred and has a phase 2 club foot problem. It has been very hard to keep him in shoes and keep him comfortable. He is used for a very light walk trot lessons and he has the best personality. I will keep you informed of the status. Your product is very farrier friendly and I like them so far.”

Lynn M., farrier, South Dakota: “Actually I found out about your shoes from a photo on a farrier’s ad in Iowa. I have been searching for a shoe like this to take some pressure off a horse with a history of Quarter cracks due to his super thin walls. After talking with the vet in Groton, SD about your shoe, we think this product will be a good fit. The horse we are trying them on is a 10-year-old AQHA champion stallion that they are now using for Barrel Racing in 40H Rodeo. I will keep you posted as to the results.”

Nancy K, owner, Arizona: “…I just bought 2 pair, first time buyer. My horses are in Arizona. In the summer if you don’t take them in early, it heats up and their metal shoes get really hot. I want to buy all my horses shoes from you. Thanks.”

Christina, owner, Ohio: “I would like to thank you for these great shoes. This is my mare’s 3rd time with these shoes; we have done two pairs with glue and this last time we did nails. We have had colors orange, clear and bright green; we are planning to get pink next time. My mare is doing great with these shoes and I believe these will be her life time shoes. They help support her so much better than just metal ones. Once again I would just like to thank you for making these shoes.”

Marc, farrier: “This is a picture of the pink ones I put on a couple of weeks ago. I was testing them out on a good footed retired show horse. They told me that since I have put them on, he has been running around like a young man (he is 27). So will purchase some more and try them on different situations. I think you may have a great idea here for certain feet. Many thanks.”

Christine M., owner, Ohio: “I always heard of the glue-on shoes and didn’t want my mare to have to go through what she went through getting nailed, so we went with them. My farrier saw them at the Amish farrier store where he gets his shoes. So we got orange ones and glued them on. She did so great. When that pair came off, we then were able to go up a size which was great and we got the clear ones. This time we did glue plus two nails in each which helped a lot. I was so happy to find these shoes that I didn’t have to worry about hurting her. So after 2 times, she was doing much better with him and this third time, we were able to do all nails. I love the fact the shoes are colored and can be either glued on or nailed and they are thicker for her. I can’t wait to get her feet done again. I love changing the colors. We plan on getting a pair of shoes for our pony next summer for the shows. Thanks again for these great shoes and keep up the great work. It would be great if you used her pictures. Thanks again.”

Lynn M., owner, Pennsylvania: “My horse, Liberty’s Dreamer, has had navicular for 10 yrs. I have tried multiple types of supplements and treatments without much success. I have been working with my farrier, Levi Brown, since I bought her 12 years ago on different types of shoeing with limited success. We recently tried Happy Hoofwear shoes. After 3 days I was able to take her on a trail ride and she took off on me! She didn’t miss a step and wasn’t sore when we were done. With these new shoes, she may be able to run barrels again, which she hasn’t done in 2 yrs! Thank you.”

Tina T., farrier, Canada: “These shoes are going to be a hot item here for sure. The one horse I put a pair of lime green ones on, love them, and they are the talk of the barn. The horse is going better than he has in years. The vet is amazed with his movement compared to steel shoes. I couldn’t be happier.”

Andrea S., owner, Ohio: “Horse ‘Pep’ was too sore to ride before Happy Hoofwear shoes; sound to ride just 1 or 2 days after Happy Hoofwear shoes. Will be at Equine Affaire and will stop by the booth to meet you.”

Jenny A., farrier: "I want to start by saying that your shoes are great. I have been using them for the last two months on some of my customers' horses and some of them were suffering from arthritis, navicular, and sore soles. Thanks to your shoes, they are enjoying their horses again and the horses are loving the shoes. I will be recommending these shoes to everyone with a lame horse. I hope you start making them for mules and you need to make a 000. Thank you. Keep up the good work."

Lee H., owner, Ohio: "I just wanted to send along this video of my old boy Hardy Beat. At 35 he is still going strong and just had his new pair of hot pink Happy Hoofwear shoes put on today by Bryan Farcus. You can see that he is happy with his Happy Hoofwear."

Justin B., farrier, New Hampshire, 11/3/12: "Shoeing went well. Horse needs a wedge, so I glued one into place. Here is a note from her owner: Shoes made it thru a trail ride! She even picked up a gallop and was totally sound; they must feel good on her feet. Everyone notices the pink shoes, too!

Margaret (Peg) G., owner, Florida: "Thank you for your innovative shoes. They have saved my beautiful Arabian mare. She is foundered but has wonderful spirit and talks to me all the time. My farrier has been keeping her sound and when he suggested the happy hoof shoes, I was eager to try them. This is my second pair and my horse is doing well. I have to say that my farrier is the best but he knew to put these shoes on her. They keep her soles from hitting the ground and she is walking much better. Thank you for providing them."

Holly D, owner, Ohio: "We asked our new farrier, Kirk Underschultz, to see if he could help my 9-year-old gelding, Hank. Most of the time he stood in his stall with his head in the corner. He moved very little. Kirk said Hank has had too many years of bad shoeing. He recommended your product "Happy Hoofwear." He showed us a colorful selection of synthetic horseshoes which he thought might help my horse. We watched Kirk custom fit the shoes to Hank's feet. After one month of wearing lovely green shoes, my gelding's attitude and movement have changed for the better. When I approach his stall, he turns to greet me! He has not done that for some time. Also, his gate feels improved. He seems much happier. I am impressed with your product and will continue using it. Thank you for all your hard work in creating these shoes. Hank will have a more comfortable life because of them."

Michele W, Underdog Ranch, owner, Texas: "Alicia Honea, our farrier, is an amazingly talented young lady. We are thrilled with her and we are so thrilled that she is using your awesome polyurethane shoes on our special cases! We have 3 wearing them now! Teche, Garnet, and today she put a lime green pair on Toby, a brand new beautiful overo paint rescue who has some type of lameness in his front left foot. She applied them today and he is already walking better after years (from what we understand) of unattended painful tendonitis."

Nina, Hawk's Rest Ranch, farrier, Wyoming: "I saw your shoes on where I order the majority of my supplies/equipment. So, I googled them for more information on application, fitting, sizing, etc. I am an "iron-free" farrier now after my experience and study had determined that metal shoes should go the way of the dinosaur. Boot and poly shoes are the hoofwear of the 21st century. Thank you for bringing this health alternative to market at an affordable price. I am looking forward to trying them out."


Jonas M., farrier, Ohio: “The traction is good for the Amish buggy horses who ride mostly on asphalt or pavement. The wear is very good too and we get a few hundred miles on one pair before they wear out. The shoes were easy to use and the Farrier’s package they sent me answered any questions I had. I have bought these shoes a number of times and my owners like them on their horses. I am getting owners asking for these shoes now and I have only had them for about 3 months. Thank you for the good service.” br />
Mike M., farrier, Texas: “I just took off my first set of your shoes today. Everything worked real good; my horse was the chosen one. I noticed literally no wear on the shoes. We did trail riding, barrel racing, and a lot of arena work while we tried your shoes. We had no slipping problems in the arena or on the trail.”

Nicole L., owner, Kentucky: “We have Happy Hoofwear shoes on our daughter's horse and they are working well. I like them, because my daughter doesn't always think about where she is riding (blacktop, slick rock, etc...). It eases my mind that her horse isn't going to be sliding out from under her. She likes them, because they match her color scheme.”

Melissa P., owner, Florida: “I have put probably 60+ miles on these shoes so far...tough miles, ankle deep mud at a trot and gallop. I’m really quite amazed that they have stayed on so well. I haven’t seemed to have any trouble yet with the outside edge of the nail groove being sheared off. They take some getting used to from a standpoint of cleaning them on a daily basis.They are a little more bulky to work around and they bend near the ends but my mare seems to be very happy in them. She is moving wonderfully. I plan on ordering another pair for when my farrier comes next in about 3 weeks. The first pair will definitely be done by then, a lot of miles!”

Aden M, Amish farrier, Ohio: “I have been shoeing horses for 40 years. I started with the free pair offered and I have since then bought close to 300 pairs of shoes from Happy Hoofwear this year. I tried them first on my own buggy horse. I shoe a lot of buggy horses and trail horses. They wear great and I got at least 200 miles on them going up and down hills without any slippage on pavement, cement and chip-and-seal. I’m hooked! I shoe in the black and clear for my Amish owners and for the others I shoe they really like the colors pink and lime green. One girl had me put a pink on one foot and a lime green shoe on the other. I go to horse sales in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana and I always take Happy Hoofwear shoes with me. I have 3 other Amish farriers in Iowa and Pennsylvania who now buy directly from Happy Hoofwear. The price is pretty good and the Amish like the price of these shoes. They are pretty simple to use too and the horses are doing well with them.”

David G., farrier, Canada: “I received my first pair of Happy Hoofwear shoes at the Hoof Care Summit in February 2010. They looked great for the therapeutic purposes but I wasn’t sure how they would do on performance horses. I tried them on a reining horse and was impressed how they wore. They have been on a horse all summer and showed very little wear for how much riding had been done on gravel roads. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a light, inexpensive shoe for the trails or the show pen.”

Cherie C., owner, Michigan, 12/5/12: "I received a pair of your shoes and talked with my farrier about them. We decided to try them because he said these were some of the nicer built shoes he had seen made out of this type of material. I had them put on on a Monday and that Saturday I went to a barrel show to try them out. I had only worked my horse in them and not done any practice runs at home with them, so I was a little nervous to see what would happen with some speed and turns added even though she was moving fantastic. The shoes passed with flying colors!!! I just cruised through the pattern to see how it would go and needless to say, she ran the smoothest set of barrels I have ever had her run and we ended up 14 out of 60 entries! Now that I know the effect, I can't wait for our next show so I can turn up the speed with confidence knowing the shoes work great."

KKD H., owner, Florida: "I have tried to keep my mare barefoot for about 7 years and have used several types of boots during that time with good success. When we want to do week long rides, the boots will rub and are a little cumbersome. I have used metal shoes as well, but they are slippery on asphalt and I feel that they are too concussive. I had my farrier put a pair of the orange Happy Hoofwear shoes on my mare Stylin in November and just had them reset this past Monday at 6 weeks and a few days. They stayed on well through sand, mud, water and while we played games on horseback. My local farrier, Joe Bennett, has started buying them for his other clients as well. My trail riding buddies have noticed how well Stylin strides out in the Happy Hoofwear shoes and I am very happy with them. They are lightweight, sturdy and come in fun colors."


Chris S., farrier, Iowa: “I would recommend your shoes to anyone. I have tried many different types of shoes and find these very easy to use and they come in a great variety of colors.” br />
Vanessa T., owner/farrier husband, Canada: “I was very pleased with the Happy Hoofwear shoes I received. I had my husband put them on our standard bred. They fit perfectly. My husband had no problem shoeing them and he said they were of good quality. My horse is used as a trail riding horse and a carriage horse and I ride on many surfaces.”

CCNK Farms, farrier, Iowa: “Just wanted to let you know how much I love using your shoes. Not only do they come in great colors you can't get with other shoes, but they are so easy to work with. You don't have to heat shoes and bend them to shape, the nail bed being the way it is works great, and when you have them set all you have to do is trim the outside down if they are just a bit too wide. Works, looks and performs great.”


Tina T, farrier, Canada: “Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to dealing with you more. You have been so helpful.” br />
Sean L., farrier, Maryland: “Wow... thanks for the quick response. I am a frequent visitor to and a link was posted on one of their forums. As far as a free pair, that is very generous.”

CNK Farms, farrier, Iowa: “I simply can't think of anything negative to say about them. I save so much more time and have a great looking horse when I'm done. On top of all that, doing business with Happy Hoofwear has been wonderful. I look forward to a long business relationship with everyone there and just want to say keep up the good work.”

Norm R., farrier: “I have shown them to a lot of people who all liked the color and wanted to see all the other colors at which point I suggested they look you up online. Most of the interested people seem to be western pleasure riders and the young girls who are not as concerned with the shoes performance as much as they are by the bling factor.”

Sean S., farrier, Michigan: “My barrel team would love to try these shoes and use them on some of our trail horses during the off season. Our barn colors are red, so we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to start seeing these shoes come in red.”

Dan B., farrier, North Carolina: “I just tried Happy Hoofwear shoes and the information packet they sent was fantastic. The impression I got was excellent of both the shoe and the help I received. A great first impression.”

Joe P., Kentucky Horse Counsel: Happy Hoofwear shoes were sent to the Kentucky Horse Council event in March 2010 to promote horseshoe education with the Kentucky Horseshoeing School. “You helped make the show a success for us. Thank you again. One man hounded me so much that I gave him a matched pair along with a brochure...He wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

Carrie D., owner, Ohio: “So very fashionable!!! Went out Friday and bought her pink Navajo and some pink sports medicine boots and she was dressed to the nines for our ride Friday night (so cute!). The additional thickness doesn’t seem to be causing her any trouble and she is moving quite nicely. Thanks.”

John B., farrier, Pennsylvania: “You have great customer service! Can’t wait to receive your shoes and give them a try.”

Charlie P., farrier, Pennsylvania: “I think your company has the potential to revolutionize the way horses are shod. If you have any owners looking for a farrier in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, please send them my way! I am willing to serve the whole country if horse owners can’t find a farrier to work with these shoes. I live on the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but am willing to travel if need be. Thanks for such a great product!

Lisa B., owner, Texas: “Wow! Super impressed with your fast response, especially on Easter Sunday. Thank you so much.”

Danica, American Cancer Society's Cattle Baron Ball 2012: "Dear Sylvia, Thank you for your support of the American Cancer Society's Cattle Baron's Ball 2012. Your donation to the auction of Happy Hoofwear shoes will help us save lives by creating more birthdays...Thank you for your generosity. We cannot do it without you."

Mike C., farrier, Michigan: "Here are the pictures when I shod a horse with your product. I appreciate the rush on the order. My customer loved them!!"

T. Holliday, farrier, California, 10/29/12: "I truly chose to use Happy Hoofwear because of your desire to serve and work with me (the farrier). You are always happy and willing to help the client. As with all products, there is always room for improvements. I believe Happy Hoofwear will do their best to improve their product."

Sommer B., owner, Texas, 12/9/12: "I wanted to let you know how much I love these shoes. I bought a pair and they are great. I can't wait until the back set pair is out. I love them and my horse likes them also. I'm glad I saw them in the magazine. Please if you would let me know when you are going to have the back pair out for sale. As of now, I will need the 00 and I will be finding out what size my other horse needs. These are great."