Recognition for Happy HoofWear™


  • The Mounted Marine Corp Color Guard wears Happy HoofWear™ horseshoes in the Rose Bowl Parade.
  • “The shoes passed with flying colors!!! (My horse) ran the smoothest set of barrels I have ever had her run.” -Cherie (owner)
  • The Boise State University mascot wears Happy HoofWear™ shoes, matching the school colors with our Outrageous Orange horseshoes.
  • “Your shoes are a blessing and I can't wait to set more of them and helpout horses that need it and owners that love their horses.”-Alicia (Certifed Farrier)
  • “After one month of wearing the lovely greenshoes, my gelding's attitude and movement have changed for the better. He seems much happier. I am impressed with your product and will continue using it.” -Holly(owner)
  • Magazines and publications feature Happy HoofWear™ horseshoes
    • Equus Magazine illustrates the health benefits of our type of horseshoe.
    • Horse and Rider Magazine features Happy HoofWear™ horseshoes.
    • European Farrier's Journal - The leading trade journal overseas has recognized our shoe as being innovative. Since 1986 this publication has specialized in providing up to date information to farriers, equine veterinarians, trainers, and horse professionals. We were thrilled to be interviewed and showcased in the April 2010 issue.
    • Young Rider's Magazine - The only national magazine designed and published for the young horse rider and enthusiast. Our shoes were well received by this group of equine lovers and it’s no wonder when it’s all about the bling. Happy HoofWear™ was featured in the publication’s July/August 2010 issue.
    • World Equestrian Games 2010 - The American Farriers Association had a booth at the World Equestrian 2010 Games, which displayed all the different types of shoes available to farriers and on the market today. Happy HoofWear™ was right there proud in pink as an example of an alternative non-metal shoe.
    • TackNTogs - This magazine is considered a leading international publication for equine retailers which presents information on new product launches. Happy HoofWear™ was featured in its August 2010 issue.
  • Happy HoofWear™ horseshoes are available in TEN colors, including clear and black, and FOUR sizes, 1; 0; 00; 000.