Jenn Shaffer...

 ...sharing her experience with Happy Hoofwear™ horseshoes. 

“I don’t know the last time I have ridden such a happy horse. Thank you for these amazing shoes.”

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Our Featured Friends
 Jenn Shaffer and "Rusty"

Our featured owner is Jenn Shaffer from Pennsylvania. We are always interested in how owners heard about us and Jenn shared she had a horrible time finding a farrier who could tolerate the poor manners of her 4-year-old, freshly off-the-track, Thoroughbred. She started investigating trimming and gluing on shoes and found Happy Hoofwear™ on the World Wide Web.  (Click on the images below for a larger size photo)

When we asked her why she decided to try Happy Hoofwear™ shoes, she acknowledged, like many that the color got her attention. “I love the color options, but the real reason I wanted to try Happy Hoofwear™ horseshoes was the polyurethane over metal.” Owners like Jenn recognize this type of material provides a positive health benefit for the horse, especially as it relates to shock absorption. When she is not riding her horse, Jenn is at the drag strip or in the race shop where she noted they always replace rubber bushings with polyurethane parts because they hold up better and provide better shock absorption than the traditional materials.

“The idea of putting that kind of material between my horse and the ground on the other side of a three foot jump thrilled me!” Another feature she loves is that Happy Hoofwear™ shoes are light weight. “These suckers are a…lot better than metal shoes.”  We know sometimes a farrier can be a barrier if they are strictly a hot shoe traditionalist. Even though Jenn says her farrier was initially hesitant, he became convinced otherwise and shod her Thoroughbred “Tabula Rasa” (who they call Rusty) in Happy Hoofwear™ shoes. Jenn’s farrier likes the way the shoes are applied and says the application is easy, and they report the size 1 shoes are practically a perfect fit with very little modification needed.

We know owners are always thinking about safety and traction when riding. Jenn says she is “really impressed, no slipping anywhere – not on the road, not in the dirt.” Although she does mention she sometimes misses the clip clop of the metal shoes, she simply has to look down and see our Outrageous Orange on Rusty and she knows all is good. When we asked what she likes best in Happy Hoofwear™ shoes, she responds, “It’s a toss-up between color and the shock absorbing properties of polyurethane. With the work Rusty does and the issues he has had with his back, the shock absorbing is a pretty big deal. However, being “in style” by matching the shoes to the rest of his tack is pretty awesome, too.”

Rusty is a horse that does many things…pleasure, trail, jumping and recently he started competing in barrels. We all have those special moments with our horses. Jenn says her memorable moment was probably a 5-hour Search and Rescue she did with Rusty looking for other horses. That event “is going to be with me for a long time.”

We’re going to stay in touch with Jenn and Rusty to continue their journey. But her closing line in her correspondence was “I don’t know the last time I have ridden such a happy horse. Thank you for these amazing shoes.” The letter was signed by both Jenn and Rusty, I am assuming under a Power of Attorney she had for him. Thanks for sharing, Jenn, we appreciate it.