Every Ride

Choose Happy HoofWear™ for healthy horseshoes, every day, every ride and everywhere.  Order today.

Happy HoofWear™ horseshoes are an excellent choice for every ride, everywhere.

Every day we hear from owners whose horses are on the trail, barrel racing, jumping in competition, walking in parades, or just hanging out at the barn. They tell us how much better their horses move, the additional traction they enjoy and the overall comfort that is provided through using Happy HoofWear™ horseshoes. In addition, owners and farriers tell us about the amazing therapeutic benefits of our horseshoes for navicular, arthritis, founder, flat feet, bruised soles and tenderness.

Happy HoofWear™ horseshoes are a cost effective choice and can save you over the long haul, because they often outlast metal shoes on the same horse 2 to 1. 

Happy HoofWear™ horseshoes are designed by engineers, farriers and owners to perform whether it is wet or dry, hot or cold. Farriers and owners know that while no horseshoe is 100% slip proof, our shoes provide excellent traction on trails, tracks, arenas, pastures, fields, roads and gravel. Happy HoofWear™ horseshoes are lightweight, durable and engineered for excellence.