Basic Black 

Happy HoofWear™
shoes in
Ten Colors

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In 2007, we started Happy HoofWear because we knew from our research and our experiences with our own horses that there was a real need for a different type of horseshoe. We designed Happy HoofWear horseshoes to serve as a foundation for comfort and protection for horses and deliver real therapeutic benefits for equines with hoof health issues.

No other horseshoe company offers what we do: 10 vibrant colors to give owners another way to be the unique individuals they are especially when they ride.  Owners love to match their style with our colorized shoes, knowing that they are still providing comfort and healthy benefits for their horse.

A color for every horse and rider – from powerful pink to classic clear or basic black.  Click on the thumbnail for a larger size image of each color.

 Blazing Blue

 Outrageous Orange

 Lightning Lime

 Sunshine Yellow

 Totally Turquoise

 Rocking Red

 Perfectly Purple

 Powerful Pink
Classic Clear