Happy HoofWearTM believes in

Equine Health Professionals

Happy HoofWearTM is committed to supporting horse health and on this page we link you to videos, articles, and information from veterinarians, research teams, and certified farriers.

Dr. John Bivens - Veterinary
Equine Dentistry

The benefits of a Veterinarian Equine Dentist for your horse is explained in this timely video from Happy HoofWearTM.

Maggot Debridement Therapy
Daisy Bicking - Daisy Haven Farm

Daisy uses Happy HoofWearTM
horseshoes in her therapy.

Video excerpts from the Kirk Underschultz, seminar, "Shoeing for the Long Run" at the
2013 Equine Affaire
in Columbus, Ohio

Great example of improved hoof health through use of
Happy HoofWear

Detailed information about a horse named Pep, assisted by Dr. Jennifer Karl of Crum Equine Veterinary and CJF Kirk Underschultz.