Exclusive Design


Choose Happy HoofWear™ for healthy horseshoes, every day, every ride and everywhere.  Order today.


Happy HoofWear™ horseshoes are designed from the ground up
by engineers, farriers and owners to change the way we view horseshoes.
Choose Happy HoofWear™for healthy horseshoes,
every day, every ride and everywhere.

Happy HoofWear™ horseshoes provide therapeutic benefits for horses in part because of our exclusive shock absorbing material.  It has a high durometer (hardness level) and yet retains the flexibility to move with your horse and to act as a comfortable cushion.  And owners love the fact that you can have all of these engineering and manufacturing benefits and still be able to enjoy ten vibrant colors in four sizes.  The manufacturing process and the shock absorbing material create a durable shoe that is a cost effective choice because they often outlast steel shoes on the same horse 2 to 1.